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DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy™ for Wedding Vendor Professionals

"It’s either you pay thousands of dollars for a planner OR you just have to do it on your own and jump in blind. This is that perfect little thing in the middle."

Jenny, DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy™ "Graduate"

As a wedding industry professional, do you find it easier for everyone - you, the couple, other vendors - when there is a wedding planner involved, helping the couple navigate and organize their wedding day? Perhaps you realize, though, that this is a luxury not everyone can afford. You understand first-hand how expensive it is to get married but wish there was a middle ground...


You know every couple deserves to have a stress-free wedding devoid of surprises! A day all for themselves that they don't have to spend a second of working. And industry professionals - already short-staffed and overworked - deserve to have all the details at hand so they can deliver exceptional experiences for their clients and guests. 


As wedding pros know, a professional production schedule - complete with timeline, design plan, contact information, ceremony order - coupled with proper, advance and thorough communication with both the wedding party and wedding vendors, all works together to greatly reduce the number of surprises on the wedding day. 


DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy is a one of a kind program that provides self-planning brides with a simple, step-by-step blueprint for putting together their wedding production schedule.



Partner Applications are Open!

DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy was specifically and uniquely designed for the DIY, budget-smart bride who is self-planning her wedding and overwhelmed with trying to figure out how to fit all the pieces and details together in such a way where she can actually enjoy her wedding day.

DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy™ helps bring DIY brides from overwhelm and ‘all-over-the-place’ to a state of clarity, confidence and control. This in turn is not only beneficial for the couple getting married, but for their wedding party, guests, and hired professionals, too. Check out the chart below to see how being a partner can help you serve your clients better and scale your business more quickly. 

"This program pointed out things that I hadn't thought of - even being in the industry - and gave me the tools to be more organized in general. I love the focus on delegating and making sure the bride [is] not the point person on the wedding day." 

Sam, Florist + DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy "Graduate"

We Make It Easy!

As with everything we do for our brides, our goal is to make things super simple for our partners as well. You’ll have everything you need to invite your clients and customers to join DIY Wedding Planning Made Easy such as:

  • A dedicated Affiliate portal and tracking link so each sale you bring in is attributed (and you can get paid!)
  • Shoutouts on socials, invitations for lives, and link-outs in weekly newsletters
  • Connection to other leading-edge, rockstar industry professionals in the wedding space

Plus! During our once-a-year live launch, you'll also receive:

  • Done-for-you email templates and social graphics you can just copy and send 
  • A one-on-one strategy call to help you create an affiliate launch action plan that gets results (optional)
  • One (1) scholarship spot to give to any DIY bride you feel could benefit from the program
  • The opportunity to contribute to our giveaway + celebration prizes!
  • An exclusive invitation to join our brides inside the private online community where you can provide valuable insight that further establishes you and your company as an industry expert while helping incredible humans (couples and small business owners alike!)

Here is an example of our most recent live launch that happened earlier this year...

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What DIY Brides Are Saying:

"The information provided during the program is all stuff that I had wondered about but never really knew the specifics of - like the order that the wedding party walks out, how to release tables for food at the buffet to avoid a huge line, and how to put together a ‘day-of’ timeline. The expert guests they had during the live sessions are great and really know what they’re doing, and how to answer questions and even provide tips and tricks to help make the big day go smoother. I can’t thank everyone enough for helping me to get organized so that I can enjoy my wedding day!”


"Getting all the information all in one place was so helpful, not just for us but for everyone helping us on our wedding day. I love that there was a conscious inclusion for same-sex couples - I didn’t feel out of place. When we looked for wedding vendors, there were some that weren’t interested in working with us. It was great to feel like it didn’t matter."
"Both mine and my fiance's personalities would lead us to be the point people [on our wedding day]. I wanted our day to be about us having fun and spending quality time with each other and those who are most important to us versus dealing with vendors and troubleshooting things that go wrong."
"I made the mistake that many brides do in thinking that I could plan my entire wedding in 7 months plus create every DIY project on Pinterest. Piece of cake, right? Negative. A thousand thank you's to Colleen. I could not have pulled off my wedding day without her."